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    Recognizing the need for an affordable HMO coverage for members and their dependents, HPPEMC has partnered with the Cooperative Health Management Federation (CHMF) to be able to extend healthcare without the high cost of traditional HMOs.

    The HPP HMO Plan (1CoopHealth) aims to provide peace of mind the cooperative way!

    Annual Premium

     Age  12-59 60-65  66-70  71-75
     Annual HMO Premium 4,300.00  4,300.00  8,600.00  12,900.00 
     Service Fee 300.00  WAIVED  WAIVED   WAIVED 
     TOTAL P4,600.00  P4,300.00  P8,600.00  P12,900.00 


    Important: As 1CoopHealth is only available to members of cooperatives, anyone you wish to enroll needs to be a coop member. HPPEMC Regular and Associate Members may endorse their family/relatives as Honorary Members by filling up the Honorary Membership Endorsement and Enrollment Form which can be found in the HPPEMC website under MEMBERS AREA. As access is limited to members, LOGIN is required.